Vision & Mission

We, at Ethal, pride ourselves with our achievements and progress, while we strive hard to continue with our mission and commitment to providing Service, Quality, and Value for our clients and customers wherever and whenever we serve.

Our Mission

“To create and deliver quality products and services to consumers in every market segment, that contributes value to our customers, clients, communities, and principals while offering constant growth prospects for our people and associates, whenever we come together to serve”

Our Vision

“To be the market leaders in our business in the region. With our commitment for Service, Quality and Value, we shall set standards in the industry, while creating goodwill as the trusted & reliable partner in business for our customers, clients, communities and principals, enabling us long term growth and progress in the region”

Our Values

Our mission and values provide the essential guidelines for our success in business. We value our commitment for Service, Quality & Value when serving others with outstanding expertise and pride, while we honor the responsibilities entrusted on us by our clients with utmost care and diligence, and we believe and value our customers as our ultimate purpose.

Our Culture

Customer is our Purpose , Passion & Service is our Culture! At Ethal , everyone is dedicated and committed to enhancing the quality of daily life for our customers, our clients and the communities we serve. We work hard to ensure that our customers receive the care, attention and the value that they deserves and we serve with respect and pride.